Our vendors will normally sell at their brands ‘ suggested ‘ retail price.  Due to the British high street and online market conditions today it is important to maintain this standard.  Our retailers offer diverse and unique products at competitive and ‘ fair ‘ prices in line with their perceived competitors and the market they are supplying.  Our boutique vendors pride themselves on offering quality products and a unique customer experience combining excellent customer service, affordability, and value for money.

The Brand supplier and the Boutique vendor will determine their online e-shop price based on the item cost and a normal retail calculation bearing in mind currency exchange rates and import duties etc. 

Our Boutique vendors may offer ‘seasonal discounts ‘ from time to time or ‘ special online price ‘ promotions or pass on any cost savings reflected in selling online with us. 

Often a Supplier will offer ‘ loyalty coupons ‘ to regular clients as a way of retaining good clients and generating sales.

Our online Marketplace is a medium and commercially priced, retail destination and not to be regarded as a discount outlet.  We have no wish to join the many discounters online and prefer to offer products that meet the design, quality, service, and value for money, standards that we believe our customers are looking for.

NOTE: We are a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed by Amazon to provide a means for sites like ours to earn advertising fees by linking products to the AMAZON website. 

Certain content that appears on this Boutiques and Brands website comes from Amazon.  This content is provided by Amazon ‘ as is ‘ and is subject to change or is subject to removal at any time.  All prices quoted on this site on Amazon’s affiliate products are controlled by Amazon.

As a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Program you will note that only some of the brands we offer on this site are offered by Boutiques and Brands as an Amazon Affiliate.

( Note : All other non-affiliate products will be delivered direct from the appropriate Boutique vendor via our regular Boutiques and Brands check-out procedures )

Any item purchased through this affiliate program will be delivered directly to you and the transaction completed by Amazon through their own checkout procedures.

Please be assured that the price you pay through our edit is exactly the same as you would pay if you took the time to search Amazon directly.

We appreciate and thank you for using any of our links to the Amazon site to complete your purchase.


It is vital for our retailers and the Brand supplier that the Brand Identity and Integrity is maintained.  All aspects of the DNA that makes the brand what it is must be supported at all times


In rare and exceptional circumstances any other Boutique offering the same brand will usually work with the same suggested retail prices if they stock exactly the same items they will normally co-operate fully with the Pricing Policy that we promote in the spirit of fair competition and to protect the position and integrity of the brand in the market.