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Background and Main points to consider…


Our website and platform has been developed as a multi-user, e-commerce platform for British Independent retailers to sell online without the expense of developing and managing their own transactional website.

We especially understand how much of a distraction it is for independent retailers to keep pace with the latest Website & Digital Technologies required to maintain an effective online presence whilst also being able to keep up with the most important Social Media marketing options and techniques.

We have built this platform to provide this service for retailers that also wish to focus their Social Media marketing effort on the thirty-something fashion womenswear market.

Retailers with their own transactional website may consider profiling and advertising their shop / store and even their sale lines on our platform.



Your online shop is FREE TO JOIN and totally focussed on the thirty-something, young thinking, adult market

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Your Customer gets..

  • Immediate access to your product pages from your social media posts
  • An excellent way to shop your high street store 24/7.
  • An easy to navigate, alternative shopping destination for the Thirty-Something woman
  • Fashion-Led and stylish brands, pre-merchandised also for the thirty-something adult market
  • International and Emerging brands edited for the British Market by top fashion merchandisers and talented stylists
  • A one-stop marketplace, pre-merchandised by brand and product category to save you searching endless websites for those hidden gems
  • An online marketplace that includes, must-have, non-fashion, lifestyle and trending products
  • The ‘go-to’ internet destination for something different to stand out from the crowd and that cannot be found just anywhere


To Advertise with us and link your shop profile to your own website please call us on : 07836 671 292

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